The skills map.



Skills are the building blocks of work. Let's understand them better.

Oppticity is The intelligent skills map that understands the changing landscape of work.


The skills map.

Technologies are growing exponentially. With AI, robotics, and other technologies, the nature of many jobs will continue to change. In the past, when workers have faced new technologies, they’ve needed to adapt by developing new skills – upskilling. Today, this is more of a challenge because the pace of the technological change is greater and the technologies are more advanced. At Oppticity, we provide an evidence-based framework to understand skills, how they connect, and how they lead to meaningful work within this changing landscape.


We are building a skills map that is:


What we do

We are mapping the future of work by creating the foundational, evidence-based skills map.


Launching the dynamic workforce of the future.  


We exist to equip people who are building a better future of work – for themselves or for others – with an intelligent tool that understands the changing landscape of skills.


Oppticity provides a foundational skills map that “reflects the reality of work".

Fast Company | February 2017